Watching the Five Best Classic Talking Animal Movies on Satellite TV

Hollywood has done a lot of things to get children and their parents into the theaters, but nothing is quite as genius as the talking animal picture. Whether it's live-action or animated, a simple cartoon or an elaborate CGI opus, you are promised some serious crying and cheering every single time the main characters in a film happen to be animals. And from those classics, like "Bambi," to the more contemporary fare, even parents have to admit that among the numerous talking animal movies out there that are only fun for children, there are a few that are really heartwarming and fun for the whole family.

While the world of HDTV might have some of the more old-fashioned talking animal films falling on deaf ears, the truth is that those classics are often far more exciting than the newer ones. And in a world where it's a lot easier to make an animal talk onscreen, there's something to be said for the simple charms of the talking animal films from years past. Here are five of the best classic talking animal films, which are still perfect to watch with the whole family.

Homeward Bound: the Incredible Journey – If you happen to have any of the Disney channels, you're going to see this on satellite tv at least once a month. The completely heartwarming story of a family that goes on vacation, and the animals who get lost but find their way back. Featuring some seriously famous voices, including Michael J. Fox as the young whippersnapper of a pup. Has aged surprisingly well, considering that the special effects are particularly low-fi.

Dr. Dolittle – Whether you're watching the original or the remake on television, this is one of the better choices for a world of talking animals. Adults may prefer the version that is a bit older, but the truth is, Eddie Murphy does a pretty great job as Dr. Dolittle, too, even if the animated animals are a bit more 2000s. Song-and-dance numbers with talking animals are always a hit with children, too, making this one of the most laugh-inducing films where animals happen to have speaking roles.

Finding Nemo – An inspiring and tender story of family that happens to take place under the sea, "Finding Nemo" managed to make itself a favorite of parents and children alike. With the exciting advances in animation, this is one of those cartoons that has the advantage of looking just as great on an HDTV set as it does on a small television screen.

Cats & Dogs – Because not all talking animal movies have to be based on something more inspirational that tugs at the heartstrings. Here, you have an international battle of espionage, designed for younger viewers to enjoy. A lot of the camera angles might look like your typical action film, but the players here are CGI dogs and CGI cats. And in their world, there is a fierce battle going on.

Babe – If you're only going to watch one movie with talking animals on satellite tv, then you should probably make it this one. It's pretty surprising that this film does not lead to more young vegetarians, because that is one adorable singing pig. Acclaimed actors playing the human roles and a vivid and exciting set makes this one a favorite with parents and children alike.

Source by John R. Harrison

Customize Your Windows View With Window Film

You can still have nice view even though your windows are blocked by other building or other kind of things. You can still decorate them by applying vinyl covering to make them looks beautiful. The vinyl covering is very easy to install and it is available in very wide selection of theme and picture. You can easily increase privacy and enhance the look of your house.

You can transform the bad look of your windows into beautiful-looking windows. It brings new look to your window in no time. You do not need to waste money for expensive stained and etched glass. The mural film can liven up a room instantly. It is easy to apply and replace. You will not get bored by the same look. You can change the mural easily and get an entirely different look. The transparent film partly let in light to enter your house. So, the sunlight will not make your house feel hot even if you do not have window curtain.

Window film is easy to cut to fit its size. You can apply it in any kind of window easily. You can even cut it by following the mural on the film. If you apply your customized mural film into your windows, they will look livelier.

If you live in equator-line country, you can choose to get sun protective film to protect your family from unhealthy UV radiation. You can also use window film for bathroom privacy. Just apply the vinyl covering in the entire bathroom glass.

In conclusion, you can customize your window view easily by using window mural film. It is very easy to apply, easy to cut, and come in many selections. It is beneficial in many ways. You can enhance your windows look easily within a minute. It is the cheapest method of customization that can be done by anyone

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Real Story of the Living Dead

When you think of Zombies, often you think of super-gore, and modern zombie out-takes. Masses of rotting corps, or maybe, superbly fast lithe creatures that express the true viral capability of the undead and disease. However, if you do not know, this perceived image actually comes from Night of the Living Dead written by George Romero and John Russo.

However, the project is fully public domain, and both writers have used the 'Dead' Moniker on their own projects after an artistic split. The film became public domain because the distribution company forgot to insert copy-write notice on the distribution copies of the film.

George Romero went for a more serious approach to the movies with his creation of Dawn of the Dead and Day of the Dead. Called the 'Trilogy of the Dead', each film lists him as both a director and a writer. These films were seminal in starting a wave of zombie films in the late 70s, and other decade or so, a large wave of similar films looks to pop up. Recently, a remake of Dawn of the Dead was made and released in 2004.

John Russo took a more comedic approach to the series in his creation of the Return of the Living Dead series. At first, his films (though produced later), gained more attention than Romero's however, their lack of serious subject matter, and slapstick, relegates them to the status of a comedy for the average person, and unimportant (or insulting) to fans of the genre. As a result, the Living Dead series has not gotten as much critical acclaim or scholarly focus as Romero's films have.

Source by Chris Patrick

When Surveillance Cameras Enter Your Bedroom and Your Intimate Affairs

Surveillance cameras have their good uses. Criminals have been caught and jailed based on undeniable video evidence, cheating spouses have been captured on film and forced to pay greater alimony and child support for their ex-partners, and cops have been suspended for sexual harassment and physical mishandling of visitors and suspects alike. Just some of the few cases you read about that can convince you surveillance is good.

However, what do you do when surveillance cameras intrude upon your most private of private moments? How do you cope when intimate affairs are recorded in video and broadcast for the entire Internet world to see?

How It Can Happen

Generally, surveillance cameras are used for home security and public security. You can install small and portable cameras in your house while the government sets up a surveillance system in your neighborhood ostensibly to deter crime and monitor traffic.

Imagine this scenario: Your partner transferred the cameras to your bedroom because he wants to videotape your bedroom shenanigans without your knowledge. After your bitter separation, he uploads the video over the Internet and it becomes a hit.

Or this: In the interest of adding spice to your relationship, you both agreed to place some of the wireless surveillance cameras inside your bedroom. One messy divorce later, you are faced with an Internet video showing you and your despised ex-partner in compromising positions.

Or this: Video surveillance operators across the street intersection videotaped your intimate moments for voyeuristic purposes. The same perverted individuals broadcast the footage over the web.

In whatever way your lady parts came to be plastered all over the Internet, you must deal with the fall-out of other people’s perversions.

How to Prevent and to Cope

Of course, prevention is always better than the cure. If possible, never allow your partner to videotape your intimate bedroom encounters; never install surveillance cameras in your bedroom no matter what you do; never perform live shows where your privacy can be compromised unless you are on a deserted island; never leave the windows open in any way, either in terms of locking it and closing the drapes; and never let your private videotapes lying anywhere.

However, unfortunate scenarios such as the above mentioned do happen. How to cope boils down to:

* Doing something concrete about your plight – filing complaints and lawsuits is a good first step. You can also seek professional help and your family’s support.

* Forgetting about the past and not worrying about the future. You should take each day as it comes and live for the joys of the present. Learn to appreciate the small things in your life now – your ex-partner is paying you sums of money for alimony and for his bastardization of your relationship, your perverted voyeurs of local public officials are in jail, and you are alive.

* Moving on. If this means that you have to do something drastic like changing your place of residence or something mild like changing your hairstyle, then go for it. Just always remember that life must go on, you were a victim but you cannot be a victim forever, and that it is other people’s problems if they see you as anything less than the worthy person that you are.

In the end, your life should never be ruled by one mistake brought by man’s inappropriate use of surveillance cameras. Life is yours, take it!

Source by Nahshon Roberts

New Movie Releases For Your Next Date Night

If there is one thing that you should look forward to, it has to be checking out one of the many new movie releases for your special night out with your sweetheart. And why wouldn’t you? After all, you spend at least forty hours a week busting your hump at work, you deal with traffic to and from work, and you still have to be sure to keep upright when you get home because the kids need you. A good movie on a date night sounds like the greatest thing in the world.

The biggest issue that many couples face is that they have to choose whether to have their date night out or stay in. If both of you are working yourselves to the bone all week, vegging out on the couch with some take-out & box wine sounds awesome.

But much the same way you would beat jet lag after a long flight, fight the urge to just sit around. Grab your sweetie by the hand, and go paint the town red! There are far too many good movies out right now that are perfect for a great date night. Moreover, you can make a night of it by heading to a dine-in movie theater which offers full food service & first-run movies.

Here are a few new movie releases to consider:

The Post – If you and your significant other are fans of political dramas, you may find this latest Spielberg film the perfect movie. The first female publisher of a major American newspaper, The Washington Post, and editor Ben Bradlee must overcome their differences as they risk their careers to help bring long-buried truths to light that go to the very top of the American government.

Pitch Perfect 3 – Maybe you’re looking for a few good laughs. If so, then the final part of this highly successful trilogy may be the ticket for you. The Bellas learn that life after tremendous success can be pretty tough. Things aren’t going that well, but things start looking better when the girls are given the chance to reunite for a USO show. However, as can be expected, there has to be some type of competitive drama, but as has been the case before, their greatest strength is their ability to come together.

Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi – Are you both big sci-fi fans? If so, you have to check out the latest Star Wars movie, part of arguably the most iconic film franchise of all-time. The audience follows Rey & the development of her powers with the help of Luke Skywalker. You can even have a chance to give your two cents about the controversy of the movie’s treatment of legacy characters.

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle – Even if you’ve never seen the 1990s classic, you’ll no doubt be able to have a great laugh at this reimagined take. Given the origin story of the characters’, it’s like a very clever combination of the 80s films The Breakfast Club and Wargames.

Source by Morris Raymond

How to Spot Fake Bape

Do you know your fashion trends? It is rather an arduous task to memorize each and every fad that comes into play, since these trends can change within a matter of weeks. With all these great new styles coming out, you will notice that a lot of young and hip fashion designers are also stepping into the spot light. One of them is Nigo Nagao, the famous founder of the cool fashion line of A Bathing Ape. Read on to learn some history on this brand, and what you can do to spot the fake items from the original ones.

What is Bape anyway? Nigo Nagao is a young Japanese DJ and fashion designer who was inspired by the 1960’s film Planet of the Apes to create this brand, which is short for A Bathing Ape. The famous star of the Bape clothing line is Milo, whose face is seen in various motifs, even in a cartoon form Baby Milo. Bape is a specialty line for hip urban men and women of Japan and other countries, with items like shirts, hoodies, vests, jackets, bags, shoes, and more. The first store Nagao opened was “Nowhere” in the famous Tokyo Harajuku district in 1993. At present, there are nearly 20 stores all over Japan, with some outlets in Hong Kong, Paris, London, New York, and Los Angeles.

Now that you know what Bape is all about, it is time to discern the real ones from the fake ones. Some people would call them Fape, or fake Bape, and there are tons of these being distributed across the web. You won’t be getting good quality if you settle for imitations of the real thing. Here are some tips to note to ensure that you are getting only real Bape items.

Bape does not manufacture sizes for XXXL and 4XL, so check the tags carefully. Furthermore, the face of Milo on each tag of Bape is brownish in shade, and not a bright orange as in most imitations. Though a lot of internet stores are selling Bape items, do remember that only two stores in the US are official dealers of the fashion line, and those are in New York and in Los Angeles. There is a noticeable difference in the brightness of colors when comparing fakes and originals, as well as how prints are made, and how studs are sewn.

Don’t be fooled if some websites offer to sell you Bape apparel for cheap, because the original ones really cost a lot more. Take for example one ladies tank top, which retails for about 6,000 yen, equal to about $60. Some sites will sell this for half the price, so they are likely to be fake Bapes. Hoodies and jackets are well over $400, so take note of these rates when you shop online.

Don’t settle for the fakes just because the prices are enticing. Fake Bape accessories and clothing are of low quality, and are nothing like the originals. Be more careful when you view auctions on eBay and other sites, so you won’t end up with a Fape.

Source by Mike Arsosa

Regift Your Promotional Gift

Promoting yourself or your business in the world today makes all the difference. I take for example a particular animated movie that recently came out. It opened with record low money made totals for the amount of theatres it was in.

This baffled me when I read it because I thought to myself that there’s no way it wasn’t promoted enough for more people to see it. Even the worst movies come up with decent trailers and play them repeatedly on different channels. But this particular movie didn’t do that, so nobody saw it.

A movie ad is in some ways like a promotional gift. They’re promoting to us their film without us paying to see it. That is, of course, unless you paid to see a movie and you’re watching the trailers, in that case, you paid. But if you’re watching on TV you’re essentially watching for free.

But promotional gifts had an origin outside of technology. Ever receive a promotional pen, or mug? Free of charge? That was a gift given out by that company or its affiliate to swoon you into buying their product.

How is that different from other promotional products?

Well on the one hand its different and the other its not.

A promotional gift would be a gift, that is to say, free of charge. This means you should be able to go into a gift givers area and take the gift without hassle.

A promotional product certainly does encompass what the promotional gift is (the gift is clearly a product) however, you might have to purchase the product.

Perhaps you’re a really big fan of the local radio station. Sometimes the station will gives out T-shirts as gifts. By wearing it you’re promoting them, other times the station will have a setup where you can buy their shirts. It’s no longer a gift but still a product, and a product you can buy.

What kind of gifts are there?

Promotional gifts are just as versatile as promotional products. They can range from pens, to hats, to shirts, to clocks, to watches, to calendars, to planners, to bumper stickers, to campaign buttons and stickers, and to anything in between.

Perhaps the company even gives it’s employees certain items to take home as gifts

Source by Abe Wead

Canon HF200 Vixia HD Camcorder

The HF200 camcorder from Canon is a lightweight model weighing in at a mere 340g. Small enough to easily fit in a bag or pocket the HF200 is jammed full of recent technologies to help you take quality HD video footage.

The has a clever anti-shock system keeping your footage free from shakes which can be caused by small movements of your hand as you record. There is also a face detection feature which can track multiple faces at once keep those you care about sharp and in focus. The with a combination of Pre Rec. and Quick Start features the Canon HF200 can be set to always record so when you press the record button to capture one of those spontaneous moments you will not miss a second.

Like many camcorders the HF200 provides the option to shoot still photos as well. You can capture 3.3MP photos when not recording or 2MP photos while you record. To get the that really prefect shot the HF200's photo burst feature can grab 25 still photographs from a second of HD video footage allowing you to select the perfect snap of that quick event.

The HF200 has a external microphone input allowing you to use a separate microphone for a step up in audio quality. A 32GB SD card is enough to store up to 12 hours of HD footage which should be enough for the most demanding of users. Another neat feature the Canon HF 200 has to offer is the ability to upload music using a Music Transfer Utility which you can edit into film directly on the HF200 meaning you can produce and edit your movies without using a computer.

Source by Zoe Brooks

Things to Consider When Selecting a Privacy Window Film

Consider the advantages of a Privacy Window Film.

Consider these facts when deciding your privacy window film, and select within a large assortment with different colors, functions, themes, characteristics, etc.

Main Purpose: Decoration .


  • Upgrades with a stylish touch
  • Deliver the look of a stained, etched or frosted glass
  • May be colorful adding a hint of colored light to your room

To Consider Also: May be Removable or changed with low cost and can be used on Windows, Plexiglas, Showers, Glass Cabinet doors and anywhere where a glass is.

Main Purpose: Heat Light Protection – Energy efficiency.


  • Saves on heat and cooling cost
  • May block up to 99% of UV Rays
  • Prevent most of the solar heat to enter
  • Reduces glare

Consider Also: May reduce the quantity of light in a room.

Main Purpose: Privacy


  • Prevent passers-by to see inside your home, office, etc.
  • May be a one side view type
  • May make a "mirror: one side of your glass
  • It comes on different degrees of darkness

To Consider Also: It may be almost "invisible" from the inside or when is night.

Keep in mind your objective when selecting a privacy window film: is it privacy? Security? Safety? Enhance your home. Cabinets or bathroom? Energy efficiency? There are many to choose from. Find the most info, visit our website and see all collections!

Before making your selection, identify which one of these advantages will be on your list, and find the ones will be meet with the product of your choice. Read always the product description and see if it meets your criteria. Some products will be able to protect and beautify while some others will be only energy efficient; blocking UV Rays.

Source by Bernardino Blanco

Capturing The Moment

There's nothing like settling back for a cozy evening of reminiscences with your wedding album.

The temptation to have a family friend or a relative record your wedding day as a cost-cutting measure is one that should be disregarded right here and now. Your wedding will be over in the blink of an eye, but the memories captured by a professional photographer will last a lifetime and will be cherished forever by your children and grandchildren.

Like all other aspects of planning a wedding, shopping around for prices is a must. However, the best photographers are not always the most affordable and they're always the busiest. Booking early and budgeting, as always, are certainly called for in this case.

The best way to begin shopping is to ask recently married acquaints if you may view their wedding album. Word-of-mouth is still very powerful advertising. Note the phone numbers and, if you feel comfortable enough with that person, ask the price they paid for their photography. Contact the photographer for an appointment. Any professional will be more than happy to meet with you and show you photos, slides and albums from weddings that they've covered in the past and spend a good deal of time finding out what you wish for as a final product and how much money you 've got to spend.

It is very important that you "like" your photographer as a person for many reasons. If you stop and think about it, your photographer is going to have more access to the bride and groom during even the most intimate moments of your wedding day than any other single person involved in the event! The photographer will be taking pictures of the bride getting dressed; he / she'll be right next to you when you exchange rings; let's move in for a close-up shot of your first kiss! If you're going to have someone around every step of the way, you'd better make sure your photographer is someone you like and trust, because otherwise the possibility exists that your day could be ruined by an intrusive presence.

Many of the larger studios, even those listed under the owner's or principal photographer's name (ie "John Smith Photography") may have several or even many photographers in their employ in order to cover more than one event simultaneously. These photographers are trained to shoot in the style and custom of the photo artist. Therefore, you can probably rest assured that you'll get what you see after you peruse their portfolios. However, it would be most important to request an interview with the photographer who 'll actually be shooting your film. You might love the studio's photographic style and the person who plans your photographs, but you could wind up with a hired hand on your wedding day with what you're not compatible.

Here are some of the other things you need to think about when meeting with photographers and planning your wedding portraits and album.


Formal shots of the bride in her wedding gown (or as is more and more the case nowdays, shots of both the bride and groom) are your most important photographic souvenir. These photos can be arranged any time before the wedding to allow for careful planning and a relaxed atmosphere. These are the photographs from which you'll choose your wedding portrait for display in your home and the photograph for publication in your local newspaper. You must decide on a studio setting / backdrop or a "remote" location (somewhere, outside or inside, other than the photographer's studio). Flexible schedules for all concerned are a must for an outdoor shot.


This is not the big decision it once was. Today, all color negatives can be printed in both color OR black & white! There is a timelessness to black and white reproduction that recalls days gone by and a sense of elegance in the photographic arts. This element is essential as at least a portion of your wedding album. You can either choose later which photographs you'd like printed in black and white, or you can set aside a certain amount of shots for "true" black and white studies. (In other words, the use of black and white film and techniques for certain special shots or poses.)


This group of photographs begins with preparations for the ceremony at the bride's home, continues at the ceremony itself, and covers the reception from formals at a park or other location right through to the last guest departs.

Careful planning will guarantee you all the shots you'll desire and give the photographer plenty of time to get everything on film.

Leave enough time before departure to the ceremony for posed shots. Get ready early and leave about an hour from the time the photographer arrives until it's time to go. If you do not give him enough time, you may miss out on many of the shots and poses for which you'll wish you'd taken the time to shoot later on.

Allot plenty of time between the ceremony and your arrival at the reception for "formals". These formals differ from the portraits taken in advance in that they actually are taken on the day of the wedding itself, but are posed shots and will be the most elegant memento of your actual wedding day. Pick out your location long in advance, and if you decide on an outdoor location, make alternate plans for indoor shooting in the event of inclement weather. Your photographer will know of many locations, both indoors and outdoors, for great formals.

Sometimes posing for formals can get a little tedious at such an exciting time, but bear with it and take direction from your photographer. Keep your wedding party "under control" until the formals are finished. Remember, these will be the most important photos of the day and there will be plenty of time to party later on!

Decide in advance how long you'd like the photographer to be present and make sure the coverage you desire is included in your photography package. Many photographers will exit the reception early even unless arrangements are made in advance, but that can work to your advantage if price is a concern. Most professionals have packages available to fit smaller budgets.

Photographs are your best record of your special day, from nervous bride preparing at the house, to the exchange of rings and first kiss, to the fun and partying at your reception. And in addition to being your most "portable" memento, they are your most economic when distributing souvenirs of the wedding to your family and friends. (Could anyone afford the time and expense of preparing 50 copies of your wedding video to send out to your guests?)

Choose carefully and early (many of the best photographers are booked up to 12 and 18 months in advance) and your photographer will provide you with a worry-free, custom-designed memento of your wedding that's second to none!

Source by Stephen W. Gardner